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Top 10 Ways Banks Can Use CRM to Increase Customer Retention

Today, anyone with a smartphone or computer can compare rates, read reviews, and open accounts in a matter of minutes. To remain competitive, banks need to develop a customer-centric retention approach that incorporates data insights, personnel training, and added product value. In banking, a well-designed CRM can serve as the foundation for …

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How do you hold your CRM Accountable?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have come a long way. I was one of the first in the automotive industry to offer  CRM systems to dealerships. When I began selling, the question to prospects was always, “Do you have a CRM system?” Over time, the question soon became, “Which CRM …

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3 Razones para Diversificar tu Portafolio de Operaciones

Probablemente hayas oído más de una ve que es esencial diversificar tu portafolio de operaciones con diferentes activos. Pero, ¿qué significa diversificar y por qué querrías hacerlo? La diversificación es el proceso de añadir activos no relacionados a tu portafolio. Los activos correlacionados, sin importar el cuidado con que se escojan, …

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